Join Us!

We are 🏂Active 🔞Adult 💰Donating 🔥Level 24 Clan and are looking for:

  • Active adult clashers who like to have fun in regular wars, clan war leagues, clan games, raid weekends and most importantly communicate with team members
  • TH12+, previous town hall fully maxed
  • Always use war attacks when opted in
  • Regularly participate in Raid Weekends and Clan Games
  • Collect daily forge and contribute to Clan Capital prioritized upgrades
  • Good attitude towards learning new strategy and improving from previous mistakes
  • No war timer in profile (to rule out hoppers)
  • Decent season wins, capital contribution and clan games achievement (to measure player activities and team work)

What we offer:

  • Winning and organized wars - CWL Master League II
  • Well-participated Raid Weekends - Clan Capital Champion League I
  • Strong district halls - Capital Peak Level 10 with 1300+ Raid Medals per week
  • All reward tiers in Clan Games
  • Practice and advice for new players
  • Friendly challenges
  • Season Top Hitters💪

General Rules

  • Fill donations before requesting.
  • Respect donation request (especially for war).
  • Opt In/Out for Clan Wars.
  • Participate in Clan Games.

War Rules

  • Opt in for war only if you can commit.
  • Opt out if your hero, pet or spell factory is down.
  • Lower bases are requested to hit early.
  • Follow war attack timing guidelines and war plan.
  • Always attack with full army, spell and clan castle troops.
  • Do not do mirror attacks; hit base at your TH level that you think you can get 3 stars.
  • If you are not confident for 3 stars, hit up and allow higher TH clean up.
  • If you do not have base to hit, do scout attacks and help reveal enemy clan castle troops and traps.

If you have any questions on what base to attack, please ask a Co-Leader for Help or Strategy.

Raid Rules

  • Participate in Raid Weekends.
  • If you hit a district hall, then finish it off (unless you are out of attacks).
  • Use your raids early, if you can.

War Requirements

War search starts around 10PM ET (2AM GMT) on Tuesday & Saturday.

Town Hall Minimum Heroes Defense Timing Guidelines
TH12 Combined Heroes 120 TH11 Max Both attacks in first 12 hrs of battle day
TH13 Combined Heroes 170 TH12 Max First attack in first 12 hrs of battle day
TH14 Combined Heroes 225 TH13 Max Available to attack last 8 hrs of battle day
TH15 Combined Heroes 245 TH14 Max Available to attack last 8 hrs of battle day
  • We use BAND app for communication outside the game, so we encourage members to download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for Vitality and join the group. You can also go to in your browser.
  • We will include new members in war based on donation, chat activities, army level for a given town hall and friendly challenge performance.
  • We do not accept if they are not eligible for war. We want to make sure that they are serious for war and will use both attacks.
  • We kick people if they are a$$, miss war attacks, donation or activity get worse over time. If you want to take break, let co-leaders know or leave a message in BAND app. We want to keep slot available for active players.